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The OCM welcomes all types of support from our members and friends! Our organization was built on a community of volunteers who worked together to create an Oromo home and cultural center in Minnesota. Today, the OCM thrives because of the many volunteer hours and the generous financial support from our community. We are strong 40,000 member community. We care about each other. All types of support from our members and friends is welcomed. Your support will stimulate OCM's common goals which are youth enrichment program, refugee and immigration counseling, employment and education counseling, social service, arts and civic engagement. 


Financially there is numerous ways one can support OCM. Give online at or mail in a check to Oromo Community of Minnesota at: 465 Mackubin Street, Saint Paul, MN 55103. Checks are Payable to Oromo Community of Minnesota.  


Our services and programs are free to everyone. Everyone is assumed to be associate members of the Oromo Community of Minnesota. However, the members of the OCM are individuals who contribute to the community on average $5 a month which equals to $60 dollar a year or more. Our contributing members make up the General Assembly in which they vote for nine boards of directors. The Boards of Directors work with the Executive Director and the community staffs to assure cohesive and vibrant community.  



Checks payble to: 


Oromo Community o f MN

465 Macubin Street,  
St. Paul, MN 55103 


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465 Macubin Street,St. Paul, MN 55103

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