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       Executive Director

Mr. Jemal Tufe is a long time community servant. He has been serving the Oromo Community Center for over a decade. He worked on several positions including but not limited to: school navigating, immigration, employment counselling, health insurance application, coordinating & implementing public event. He walks their walk, talks their talks, and feels their feelings and sympathizing their frustrations. He is exceptionally talented person that understand immigrant communities and help them to get on their foot and lead better life. We can’t even imagine the OCM without Mr. Jemal’s tireless contribution and we are proud of his outstanding contributions and success for this long.  He effectively accomplishes his duties according to the directive stated.





Mr. Jemal Tufe

Mr. Girma Hassen

 Mr. Girma Hassen,
Employment Counselor and Community Outreach

He is an energetic community member, who has an exceptional passion for serving people. He is talented with understanding intercultural and intergenerational gaps’ challenges. Preparing job seekers and developing their resume, and identifying their interest, recommending job openings based on their skills and experiences are some great job that he has done and doing currently. De-escalating some contemporary social problems are where he has got it done and empresses our community’s social service job.  He believes in diversity has challenges. Most importantly, he often recognizes how diversity has an enormous opportunity.  He also helps people to be a beneficiary of this everlasting social movement.   

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