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Mr. Teshite, the current OCM Chairperson, is Chief Financial officer. Under his leadership, OCM financial statements are always up-to-date and accurate.  Every day, he dedicated his time in coaching youth, volunteering in public offices, business development training, and some social gatherings. The community wouldn't be here today if we wouldn't have people like Mr. Teshite. His consistent engagement, commitment to advance community services and charismatic leadership has led the community to its current potential, where we can serve 10s of 1000s.

Teshite Wako


  Mrs. Rufo Jiru is an energetic, exceptional and multi-layer professional leader. She is well Kwon with her gross-root social mobilizing and successful fundraising competence. Mrs. Rufo's tireless public service commitment and on-time action achievement has proved and revitalized women’s strength and their significance in social and economic sectors. Mrs. Rufo has been working in and out of her circle. Under her leadership, the OCM is more inclusive and stronger.  

Rufo Jiru


    Abaa Boraa is a case manager and distinguished lifetime social service expert. He was a senior social worker and employment counselor at the Oromo Community Center of Minnesota, who has adhered job seekers interest and their qualification to the right job openings. Having a person like Aba Boraa who is dyed-in-the-wool for peoples’ benefits is the main factor of community success. He is well known for his clear and honest determination. As an accountable and trustworthy Treasurer, he has been Keeping and allocating public resources when and where a priority may be given correctly.      

Abaa Boraa


Dr. Obsa Hassan attended Univesity of Minnesta for undergraduate and
medical school. After completing Internal Medicine Residency at Abbott
Northwestern Hospital in 2015, he joined Mercy Hospital in Coon
Rapids, MN as an internist. He is involved in various civic and
professional organizations including the International Oromo Health
Professionals and the Oromo Community of Minnesota (OCM). He is
currently serving on OCM board as secretary.

Dr. Obasa Hassan

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Public Relations

 Mr. Awol Windisa is a Public Health Educator. He is a progressive thinker that has a strong connection with his community, is dedicated his time and talent to help people get some necessary social services, including but not limited to health insurance, affordable housing, and immigration services. His passion for making a difference locally, while he thinks nationally and globally makes him a great catalyst for a better change. 

Awol Windisa

Property Manager

​ Mr. Ambo is senior Biochemist by profession. Mr. Ambo is a strategic and humble community leader. His generosity, grass- root social enlistment capability, integrity and multidimensional- leadership capabilities helps the community to overcome some social and financial challenges over the last ten years. Currently, he is serving at OCM as property manager.  

Ambo Bati

Youth Coordinator

Mr. Ali is an energetic and positive thinker man whose commitment is challenging generational and cross-cultural challenges and embarrassing our future. He has been creating a strong bond in the community regardless their age, color, religion, origin and sexual orientation. He is pro-family, pro-community and most importantly, he is pro-diversity man. Mr. Ali's leadership is empowering and sustaining our community for generations to come.    

Ali Tahiro

Women Affairs

Samia Osman is one of the strongest Oromo women activists who never give up on her community’s vision. She is a role model for her peers and young women. She dedicates her time and resources for serving our community throughout her life.  She is a well recognized prominent human rights and social justice advocate. Her grassroots social organizing and multi lingual skills has cultivated 21st century’s feminism and globalization. She brings these vital skills and stimulates our community board of directors' performance. The community is so indebted to have some outstanding board of directors such as Mrs. Samia Osman.

Samia Osman

Elders Affairs

Mr. Zakariya Ibrahim is a humble, glowing and intellectual community leader. He helps the community in preventing Xenophobia, solving conflicts, and advocating for tolerance pragmatically.  His multicultural knowledge and public service experience is a great asset that helps our community members understand each other and open to other. He stimulated elders’ legacy, wisdom, healthy and respectful communication in the community. His effective communication is responsible, if not creditable, for bridging an intergenerational gap and strengthening visible and meaningful bond.

Zakariya Hassan

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